About Us:

On the project of Durbar Kandari Ventilation, some enthusiastic participants were needed to implement the android app, as it is a very significant part of this project. Actually this android app team has done a great job under observation of the coordinator of this team,Takiuddin Ahmed(ME ’15-RUET).



Takiuddin Ahmed (ME ‘15-RUET)

Vice Coordinator:

Ishrat Zahan Tani(CSE ‘18-RUET)


1.Md Masrur Saqib(CSE ‘18-RUET)

2.Shanjid Hasan(CSE ‘18-RUET)

3.Nobir Hossain(CSE ‘18-AIUB)


The idea of using an android app has really come from the desire of helping    COVID-19 patients. For maintaining ventilation processes doctors need to contact patients directly but in case of COVID-19 patients it is risky for doctors and for other patients as COVID-19 is a contagious disease. For this reason the idea of an android app has appeared and it has been implemented very wisely.

This android app has some interesting and effective features  for those the android app is used in the “Emergency Ventilator”.

This app is used to observe the state of a patient. Via this app doctors can receive  information about the state of a patient. It has become possible continuous data transfer via bluetooth

The air pressure, the volume of oxygen and other data of the ventilation system can be received via bluetooth to this app and these things(air pressure,volume of oxygen, etc.) can be controlled through this app, which will help a doctor to govern a patient with proper medicare. That is why this app is used in the ventilation process.

Future Plan:

New features are thought to be added to this app to make it a more efficient one. Here is a list as follows which features are thought to be added in the future.

New Features which will be added:

Alarm and Notifications:

An alarm and notification part will be added in this app and through which doctors will be notified of any kind of emergency.

It is thought to be a notification option that is used in reminder apps.

Integrate Web App:

This part will help a doctor to navigate to the web app part from android app.So it will be more helpful for a doctor to monitor his/her patients thoroughly. 


The most important thing of this whole project is the security system.For ensuring a highly protected security system new features will be added very soon so that none can interrupt in the whole medication system.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic the whole world has come to a stand still. In the more developed countries there are a lot of medical facilities for patients but in Bangladesh the health care  

instruments are not sufficient which can help all the patients of this country.In this situation Durbar Kandari has come forward with its voluntary work of making low cost Emergency Ventilator to help the worst sufferer people of this country.The whole project is divided into several parts to make the project significant one.Among these parts,the Android App Team has a vital role to perform and it is doing its best.With the excellent contribution, this team has done a great job and hope that it will also help to make the project coherent one.


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